Cover art goes to the respected artist. Official cover not yet done.

Link to: Ah Chun


Ah Chun a little girl who had just lost her mother meets a woman named Mei Liling that takes Ah Chun as her disciple. Ah Chun is then brought into the world of Immortal Cultivation. How will Ah Chun fare in a blood-fueled world of cultivation? Will she be able to reach the apex and stand at the top as the strongest Immortal? Or will she go even farther and become something beyond?

“Mother, there is a pervert over there can Chun’er kill him?” 

“Chun’er just because he’s male does not mean he’s a pervert.” 


“Ok maybe it does, but Chun’er, you can’t kill him until he tries something.”

Link to: Ah Chun

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